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These painting by Patrick Foley are created with various mediums; watercolors, pastel, acrylic, and mixed medium. The paintings tend to be bold in color and strokes with subject matters relating to the human emotional experience with nature, natural elements and the seasons. 

The painting have been professionally photographed and digitally recorded.  They are printed on coated Watercolor paper with incredible accuracy for detail, mounted and matted with a four ply museum mat. Available in three standard sizes, framing upon request.

   Mirrors are handcrafted works of art created to be durable permanent additions to your home or office.   

  Most start with a giclee print. One style is to mount the art to a conservation board and create a unique mat that can be finished by a durable laminate surface or an oil varnish. Another style (as seen here) is to create a tile by encapsulate the art with glass and finish by grouting in the unique tiles.

    This bamboo mirror started as an ink drawing. Once scanned into the computer the drawing was filled in with the color and textures of real ferns that were also scanned. The background is from painted silk also scanned into the computer.


Digital Art is created using a computer and other digital accessories. Patrick’s digital art is all unique and original.  Created from many sources that are not from the computer but put into the computer. Drawings, paintings, and a growing library of natural and made objects are scanned in and used to create art. The finished physical product is a giclee print.

“Giclee Print is a term created in the digital age of inkjet printing and now commonly refers to a high quality long lasting print.


Digital Art & Giclee Print


Original Paintings &

Giclee Reproductions

The art is printed using the latest Epson printer with HD ultra chrome pigmented inks for exceptionally giclee quality. The print is attached to acrylic with perfectly wrapped "hemmed" edges and is protected with an amazing matte varnish that is UV blocking and smudge resistant. I make my crafts to last with easeful functionality into the future.

Illuminated Art